Your own personal Computer Support Technician


With customer service as our number one priority,  we bring professional computer support to your home.  With scheduled maintenance at your convenience we keep your computer running at optimal speeds.  Join Olympic Systems, sit back, and we'll handle everything.


Our Services

We bring professional computer support to your home.  We provide multiple subscription packages depending on your needs,  from virus scans and updates to managing and optimizing the network. 

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Who's it for?

Our services are for anyone who is tired of running updates on their system, checking for viruses, dealing with the hasle of maintaining a home systems, and anyone needing an expert eye and consultation.

What's the Benefit?

Expect your computer to be operating at optimal speed, with less power consumption.  Our technicians also provide hardware cleaning at no additional cost.  With all our services wrapped together, you won't need a new computer any time soon.



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